Alex Ivanov

Originally from Bulgaria, Alex is a wellness practitioner, dedicated to creating authentic experiences and developing environment that encourage holistic wellbeing. He is a spa consultant, manager and wellness practitioner with over 15 years of experience in the luxury hospitality and wellness industries, and recently featured in the UK Vanity Fair magazine as part of their hospitality dream team.

From early age his passion for traveling and immersing in local cultures has introduced him to the great traditions of Asia. His journey into healing and bodywork had taken him to Thailand, Maldives, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan and Indonesia, where Alex learnt an extensive number of therapies, successfully incorporated in his sessions.

Alex offers a deep and powerful combination of Eastern and Western modalities, cupping, kinesiotaping and aromatherapy, complemented by intuitive touch, restoring the internal energy flow of the body by releasing any blockages or stagnant energy, stored within the fascia and the muscle tissues.

Every session is a bespoke experience, allowing the body to be truly nourished, and come back to wholeness structurally, physically, emotionally and mentally.


Powerful combination of Eastern and Western techniques, complemented by intuitive touch. This bespoke treatment restores the balance of the body by releasing tension stored within the fascia and the muscle tissues.

Thai-inspired assisted stretching and pressure application along the Sen lines, combined with slow circular movements within the joints’ pain-free range of motion. This treatment is great for improving general quality of movement and can be beneficial for overall tightness and pain relief.

This holistic treatment brings together abdominal Chi Nei Tsang massage with reflexology of the feet and acupressure on the upper body. It promotes healing by releasing physical and emotional blockages, while encouraging the flow of Qi along the meridians.

Every energy meridian and organ of the body has corresponding reflex points on the feet. Massaging and applying pressure to those points can stimulate healing within the respective organs. This treatment optimises blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and promotes general relaxation.