"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

Welcome To Ulpotha
The Ulpotha Experience

"Ulpotha remains for me the most beautiful spot in this whole

complex world I am lucky enough to travel around"
Harper's Bazaar

"An oasis of harmonious coexistence between nature and human beings"
Yoga & Health

The Yoga
The Retreats

"A trip to Ulpotha is worth bending over backwards for"
British GQ

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Authentic, and beyond cool.

Ulpotha is a traditional agricultural community in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, offering guests world class yoga in an incomparably beautiful setting as close to nature as is humanly possible.

Ulpotha is talked about in revered tones as one of the most extraordinary yoga destinations in the world” – The Guardian

Our Story

Covid-19 in Sri Lanka

For overseas guests

Though we were compelled to cancel both our 2020 summer retreat programme as well as our 2020/2021 winter schedule due to Sri Lanka’s cautious approach to dealing with Covid-19, we remain optimistic that we will be able to proceed with the 2021 summer season as planned.

The opening of the island’s airports are scheduled for the last week of 2020 and guidelines for visitors are currently being finalised. No sooner they are, we will inform you by posting a link here with all the relevant information. We advise you to read your country’s travel advisory as well.

Daily updates of the situation in Sri Lanka can be found here.

For guests living in Sri Lanka

Until borders are opened and whatever Covid-19 protocols imposed by authorities are in place to allow our usual retreat programme to recommence, Ulpotha will be open to holiday visitors living on the island in groups of six or more.

Our minimum stay requirement has been relaxed to two nights and our rates have been reduced to attractive levels. Please go here for further details.

"One of my favourite places on earth"

Ulpotha - A Kitchen in Paradise

"Ulpotha is the ultimate yoga holiday"

"Ulpotha changed my life"

"Luxurious without the normal trappings of luxury"

"an environment where nature and man live in productive harmony"

"Ulpotha is the product of an unusual recipe of serendipity, synchronicity, trust and fun"

"The food is glorious"

"Primitive agriculture... offers the best hope for the future"

"Sanctuary in a jungle paradise"

"Quintessential bliss!"

"As soon as I arrive at Ulpotha ... life feels different. Slower. Calmer. Spacious."

End of Winter Maha Season
Start of Summer Maha Season
If you can’t see what you’re after, please contact us.

To enquire about including children and the availability of single supplements, please contact us.

If the dates you wish straddle retreats, please go here.