"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

"The best yoga retreat in the world"
The Observer Magazine

Welcome To Ulpotha
The Ulpotha Experience

"Ulpotha remains for me the most beautiful spot in this whole

complex world I am lucky enough to travel around"
Harper's Bazaar

"An oasis of harmonious coexistence between nature and human beings"
Yoga & Health

The Yoga

"Ulpotha offers the ultimate blend of relaxation and ecological commitment"
Conde Nast Traveller

The Ayurveda
The Retreats

"A trip to Ulpotha is worth bending over backwards for"
British GQ

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Authentic, and beyond cool.

Ulpotha is a Buddhist agricultural community in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, offering guests not only world class yoga but also traditional Ayurveda healing in an incomparably beautiful setting as close to nature as is humanly possible.

Ulpotha is talked about in revered tones as one of the most extraordinary yoga destinations in the world” – The Guardian

Our Story

Ulpotha - A Kitchen in Paradise

"Ulpotha is the ultimate yoga holiday"

"Ulpotha changed my life"

"Luxurious without the normal trappings of luxury"

"an environment where nature and man live in productive harmony"

"Ulpotha is the product of an unusual recipe of serendipity, synchronicity, trust and fun"

"The food is glorious"

"Primitive agriculture... offers the best hope for the future"

"Sanctuary in a jungle paradise"

"Quintessential bliss!"

"As soon as I arrive at Ulpotha ... life feels different. Slower. Calmer. Spacious."


Coronavirus in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a remarkably advanced island-wide health service for a developing country. It is also a tropical country and there is recent evidence to show that the spread of the Covid-19 virus may be adversely affected by tropical temperatures. Though studies are still not conclusive on this point, it is perhaps for these reasons the rate of infection in Sri Lanka has been as low as it has been thus far.

As for Ulpotha, it is a very secluded village in a sparsely populated area of the country. We are closed as normal between April and June and, though we had expected to reopen on June 7th, we have been compelled to cancel the first two retreats and push back our summer season opening to July 5th. We hope the Coronavirus will have peaked worldwide by then to allow the relaxation of current travel restrictions. However we advise anyone wishing to book a holiday to Ulpotha to first read their respective country’s travel advisories. Daily updates of the situation in Sri Lanka can be found here.

End of Summer Yala Season
Start of Winter Maha Season
End of Winter Maha Season
Start of Summer Maha Season
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