Pi Jem

Pi Jem is one of Thailand’s ‘amazing gems’ – a very skilled traditional Thai massage therapist who trained with many of the great Thai masters and now teaches worldwide.

DEEP TISSUE THAI MASSAGE: Traditional Thai massage aims to relieve pain in muscles and joints through deep massage and stretching. Traditional Thai massage is usually performed on the floor, and you will be fully clothed, wearing comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage.

Pi Jem’s particular style of Thai massage is a strong massage that is especially beneficial for those who practice yoga. It helps circulate the blood and energy around the body and open areas where there may be blocked energy or prana which can cause pain and/or stiffness.

Her expertise will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and at peace, with a supple body relieved of pain.

CHI NEI TSANG ABDOMINAL MASSAGE: Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional abdominal massage that works on harmonizing and balancing the internal and digestive systems. This ancient healing art from China focuses on stimulating the internal organs and flow of Qi.
Emotions and stress get stored throughout our body in the form of tension in our muscle tissue and much like food, we also need to digest and release this tension. Chi Nei Tsang gently helps to process emotions leaving a feeling of deep calm and connectedness.

Pi Jem brings her own unique style and compassion to this art.

Reproductive Therapeutic Massage (female) 

Many of us suffer pain related to menstruation and menopause often leading to headaches, back pain, digestion and abdominal discomfort and emotional swings. For thousands of years these problems have been addressed in Asian medicine mainly through bodywork.

Reproductive Therapeutic Massage is non-intrusive and consists of gentle to strong pressure (within your tolerance) in the lower abdominal area and near the genital area.

Of course the utmost care is taken to protect your privacy and ensure a safe and pleasant experience.