Samanta Duggal

Samanta Duggal has been immersed in Yoga, Bodywork and Movement therapy since 2003. Her regular Thai massage studies with the Sunshine network have led her to assist courses by Itzhak Helman in Thailand and India and perfect the treatment of movement dysfunction through Thai massage and additional nerve-touch techniques with Jack Chaya in Chiang Mai.  She learnt Thai Osteo work with Arno, Craniosacral Biodynamics with Rosemary Wallace and Reflexology at Wat po in Bangkok.  Added to this, her Face and Neck massage therapies include Ayurvedic techniques studied in Kerala.  Her treatments are a unique and integrated combination of the above.

Samanta has also mastered the art of Chi Nei Tsang or Abdominal chi massage.  This detoxifies and works on the organs in the abdominal and thoracic cavity, it corrects posture and offers emotional release while relieving muscular tension in the organs and psoas.

In combination with the above treatments Samanta offers Tibetan Singing Bowl sound therapy for special additional chakra balancing.

She is an ex-Bollywood dancer and teaches yoga and Thai massage in Mumbai and on retreats around the world.