Alex Scrimgeour

Alex has held a long-term love for meditation, qigong, and for exploring ways of connecting to our body’s natural wisdom. This eventually drew him towards helping others and learning natural healing. He gained a BSc. and license in acupuncture and tui-na massage in England and went on to advance training in both acupuncture and acupressure in Vietnam. He also draws from training in qigong, Thai massage, shiatsu and Mayan abdominal massage. Alex specializes in a unique form of Vietnamese facial reflexology, called Dien Chan. After many years of study with Dien Chan masters he has developed this therapy into a unique treatment that integrates a range of bodywork and healing techniques.

The face is deeply connected to many aspects of our health, Dien Chan specializes in mapping out these connections and harnessing them for healing and rejuvenation. Dien Chan is unique in that it has identified over 300 individual points on the face, all with specific actions on different aspects of the body and mind. Much of the physical, mental, and emotional stress that we carry, which negatively impacts all aspects of our health, is held in our face and our expression. Dien Chan treatments release this tension and stress from the head, neck and face, which then creates a positive cascade effect throughout the body. A number of massage tools have been specially designed to aid in this process. The effect is highly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Dien Chan works on many layers- it soothes and balances the nervous system, helps harmonize hormones, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity and detox, and also can affect and release mental-emotional patterns. As such, treatments can benefit and assist in healing many illnesses, especially with people coping with stress and fatigue, sleeping issues, blood pressure imbalance, headaches and pain, poor digestion or hormonal imbalances. At Ulpotha Alex will be offering treatments that combine Dien Chan facial reflexology and healing massage in both 60 and 90 minute sessions. Acupuncture will also be available for those who wish.

Alex was born, lives and works in London, and specializes in helping resolve stress and trauma. He has had years of experience teaching qigong and tea ceremony at Khiron House, a pioneering trauma centre in Oxfordshire. He is also a regular visiting practitioner for some of the world’s leading wellness centres and Spas, including Kamalaya in Thailand, Ananda in the Himalayas, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and Nihi Sumba in Indonesia. Alex brings experience from many fields into his treatments, and is passionate about helping people towards optimum health and happiness.