Molly Harragin

Molly is a joyous highly qualified Jivamukti yoga teacher and yoga therapist from the UK. She is currently teaching in London at a number of studios and works with private clients. She leads numerous retreats and teaches at events and festivals around the world. She is also studying to be a psychotherapist.

Having discovered yoga in Bali in 2007, Molly went on to further her yoga studies through intensive trainings in India, Australia & the UK. After practicing various styles including Ashtanga, Sivananda, and even laughing yoga, she specialised in Jivamukti Yoga being attracted to a system that seamlessly translates the ancient yogic teachings into our modern-day settings. She loved the way Jivamukti yoga made a constant correlation between the yoga practice and life off the mat and helped her teach the yoga practice as a way of transforming health, cultivating mindfulness, and reconnecting us back to our planet and to one another. After her teacher training in the UK she embarked upon a year-long apprenticeship under the infamous Cat Alip-Douglas, founder of Jivamukti London.

After a few years of teaching, traveling and practicing, Molly found herself drawn to the more holistic side of yoga and became a certified Yoga Therapist with a degree from Yogacampus in London. Yoga Therapy is a way of tailoring yoga to the individual and uses yoga to help with medical conditions, symptoms, or injuries with the ultimate aim of self-healing. It brings the ancient system of yoga into a therapeutical setting where the individual is met as a multi-layered being.

Molly’s yoga now combines these two complementary yogic and therapeutic methods in a well-rounded practice which includes meditation, pranayama, chakra balancing, philosophy, vinyasa, hands-on adjustments, partner yoga, yoga nidra, and EFT. A special focus is placed on alignment and breathwork in Molly’s classes.

At Ulpotha Molly will begin the morning with an energizing flow yoga class to invigorate and inspire your day. Classes include a creative sequence based on a particular philosophical theme, chanting, meditation and pranayama. In the evening Molly will offer a more explorative breath-focused approach that incorporates the principles of yoga therapy and prepares the practitioner for a deep soothing session of relaxation and yoga nidra.

Molly is used to teaching complete beginners and advanced yogis alike and welcomes all levels to join the retreat.