Mika de Brito

France-based Mika de Brito has been teaching yoga for over 25 years and is internationally recognized for his highly atypical approach to yoga.

Traditionally trained, ie in following a master yogi, he was first initiated by Baptiste Marceau (son of the famous French mime artist) to the art of Ashtanga (a dynamic form of yoga originally called Korunta).  This led him to follow the path of a Hindu Swami yogi for several years in the Himalayas, even dwelling in a cave in Gangotree in order to gain insight into a more traditional and meditative style.  Later on he was invited by Sharon Gannon to follow the Jivamukti teachings in New York.  These teachings and many yogic travels and study led him to develop his own very particular style.

Connected to the present, open to the world around him and highly creative, Mika has brought this ancient tradition to his many students around the world.  His demanding and yet playful approach has brought new life into the yogic discipline.  He wants students to rid their minds of modern conditioning and adopt a liberating and compassionate practice, what he calls “being spiritual”, the fundamentals of which are to cultivate a good relationship with oneself, others and the world about us.

He lives in France and shares his time between performing music, writing and teaching yoga in retreats and workshops around the world.

Vinyasa Krama with Mika de Brito

(Dynamic practice open to all levels)

We begin with breathing exercises on a metronomic sound in order to bring AIR into the body, then we slowly light the FIRE with sun salutations and the fire purifies the body by eliminating toxins through the WATER of sweat.  These three éléments stabilise with contact to the EARTH, the asanas, the ground.  Once all of these elements are united, then the fifth element ETHER can make its appearance through Meditation.