Michael Larsen

Based in Oslo, Norway, Michael Larsen has been holding space for Yogic exploration full time since 2011 at several yoga studios, privately and to corporate clients. A top level Senior Teacher of Master Duncan Wong, Michael belongs to the first generation of  Duncan’s Yogic Arts senior instructors in Europe.

His practice started at Eight Treasures Yoga, Norway’s only donation based studio, as one of the first students of the founder John Bentham.  After training with Duncan Wong in 2012 he has hosted and assisted Duncan with his Yogic Arts 200hrs TT program in Oslo, France and Thailand.

Prior to discovering yoga, he spent a year at Siping Shaolin Martial Arts academy in Northern China where he learned the foundations of Chinese Martial Arts and was introduced to Taiji, Qigong and meditation.

For the past 2 years he has been studying massage therapy and will be a certified therapist summer 2018.

He is now a father of two.

His teaching style encompasses the heart of Martial Arts, the purification of ashtanga vinyasa and the healing touch of massage. His classes are creative, fun and informative, and focus on grounding the nervous system to optimize movement and posture and ensure that the physical practice brings students into deep relaxation for savasana, after opening and strengthening the body through Asanas in order to permit them to go deeper in meditation.

In Ulpotha, the morning practice will consist of meditation, mantra chanting, pranayama, empowering Vinyasa flows with wave motions, warrior stances, some arm balances, hip-opening and intelligent modifications of finishing poses specifically focusing on safety and effectiveness for even the tightest backs. Michael’s refined approach to assisting and alignment makes the practice accessible and challenging to all levels, giving variations to meet the individual needs of each student.

In the evening practice, Michael will be teaching a rhythmic breathing pattern with gentle, calming movements, yin poses and guided savasana to tune inward towards where sleep awaits.