Michael Barnes

Mick is a 1000hr Teacher based in Sydney. 200hr Samadhi, 300hr Jivamukti, 500hr Jivamukti mentor, and Advanced cert Jivamukti teacher. Registered with both Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

Born and residing in Sydney Australia Mick has co-owned and operated different schools (Jivamukti Sydney, Samadhi Yoga Newtown) over his 12 years of teaching. He currently owns and operates The Yoga Factory at Annandale.

His emphasis nowadays is on inclusiveness, keeping things grounded and accessible to all. This means understanding the importance of fundamental asana and methodology. Giving students the time and space to breathe, find stillness and progress. Finding the breath, observing, giving up desire and attachment to physical form, and turning inward seems to tick all the boxes in terms of improving strength, flexibility, and mind clarity. Rushing the process and forcing students into poses through athleticism and force is not conducive to peace nor progress. The practice is a process, not an event and every day it is different hence the need for some familiarity with the fundamentals.

Morning classes will be building foundations and bringing awareness to the importance of bandha, drishti, and breath. From these fundamentals, we will progress over the two-weeks to new challenges with variations to suit all. Afternoon classes will be some asana with kriyas, pranayama, and meditation. Mick likes to see who is in the class and what and where they are at, therefore creating an intelligent and safe practice for all. He hopes to meet some new faces along with some old faces and enjoy the retreat together at this very special place, Ulpotha.