Margherita Dal Pra

Originally from Italy but based in London, Margherita is one of the Life Centre’s senior teachers and has been teaching since 2005. Her warm nature and superior yoga knowledge offer you an Ulpotha yoga holiday like no other.

Margharita’s teachings are grounded in the traditional lineage of Hatha yoga and the deep philosophy of Tantric practices married with the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Anusara, the grace of Rasa Yoga – one of the most heartfelt syntheses of yoga – and the energetics of Ayurveda. She honors the traditions of yoga while awakening the true potential of the individual in the modern world. By weaving together asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting, along with shadow work, ritual, and a deep connection with nature, Margherita allows each student to experience a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the heart.

As a natural seeker, Margherita is devoted to continuously learning, sharing and radiating this knowledge for everyone to utilize and enjoy. The more she explores and learns, the more she is able to share her wisdom in a new and vibrant light. It is a true blessing and honour for her to share such a journey with her students.

Her self-practice and dedication to the yogic path has also allowed her to merge the wisdom and healing power of Ayurveda – the Science of Life – into a modern language that everyone can access. She is passionate about the benefits for all and believes the rituals within the physical practice of yoga and the modern approach to Ayurveda can be embodied within our daily routines to regain our natural state of health and well-being effortlessly – empowering and equipping you with the means to engage courageously and skilfully in all aspects to live a more vibrant life.

In Ulpotha, Margherita will begin each day with morning meditation, pranayama and dynamic yoga, to cultivate a sense of presence and help you gently tune into Ulpotha’s beautiful natural surroundings.
The evening yoga sessions will be devoted to Nectar and restorative yoga to soothe your body and bring you to stillness followed by long savasana.