Lila Cristine

Lila is a leading Kundalini Yoga, Stress Relief Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher and therapist based in Copenhagen. She also offers relaxation and sound therapy as well as mindfulness with healing.

She holds urban retreats in Copenhagen and weekend retreats in nature in Denmark and leads longer yoga trips to India and Brazil.

With a background in holistic body and healing, Lila trained in Kundalini Yoga in the US and Italy under the guidance of Sada Sat Singh and Sada Sat Kaur, Carolyn Cowan, Snatam Kaur and Mirabei Ceiba and has been a certified KRI since 2013. She has also trained in Non-Dual Therapy with Nukunu Larsen in Denmark and stress relief, anxiety and depression Yoga teaching with Carolyn Cowan in London.

She is also trained in Yin Yoga teaching inspired by Sarah Powel and in sound-healing with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and is currently studying to be a Rudolf Steiner inspired anthropology psychotherapist.

Lila also has a lifelong interest in aromatherapy and has studied the plants and their effect on the human mind and wellbeing. She often integrates the aromatherapy in her classes. She has practiced Reiki Healing since 1999 and became a Reiki master teacher in 2001. For almost 20 years, Lila has educated others in the techniques of healing and activating their own healing energy to gently lead body and mind into a more loving and relaxed placed.

In Ulpotha, Lila’s yoga instruction will focus on stress relief and joy. She will be combining soft Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Yin Yoga and Aromatherapy to enable you to connect deeper within your body, mind and soul to an awareness of gratitude and love. Kundalini Yoga uses a lot of breathwork and moving with the breath, Lila guides it in a gentle dynamic way to relax and uplift your soul.

Lila teaches yoga from a soft and joyful heart space and through the exercises in her yoga class, you will be able to release toxins, tensions and old mind structures and open up for life energy to stream through your body in a greater flow. The yoga can also be dynamic, with conscious breathing to uplift and strengthen your inner power.