Jules Jenkinson

One of Melbourne’s most admired yoga teachers.

Jules is a yogini devoted to conscious expression and movement. What began for her as a therapeutic physical yoga practice at an early age as a dancer has evolved into a platform of self enquiry and a union between the inner and outer landscapes of her world.

Born in the outback of Australia, Jules grew up in the cultural hub of Melbourne, travelling the world from a young age and gaining curiosity into the world of yoga. This led her to embark on the yogic path in her early teenage years. With discipline, determination and rich learnings, she grew quickly into the yoga community and is now one of Melbourne’s most admired Yoga Teachers. Her teachings place an emphasis on exploring boundaries, sharing her experiences as a student and teacher, as well as building endurance and compassion throughout the whole body. She is known for her strong but warm, explorative teaching style, coaxing her students to feel at home in their bodies, to soften and to connect from a place of patience and curiosity and ensuring safe space is created for her students to examine the relationship between their internal and external worlds. Jules completed her first teacher training in 2012 studying Amrit Yoga.

Meditation in Motion-350 hours over 12 months, was soon given the invitation to teach at the beginning of 2013. During this transformative experience, she trained in a unique fusion of Jivamukti, Anusara, Power and Yin Yoga which eventually led to her being guided by global Prana Flow Teacher Shiva Rea. Working closely alongside Shiva, Jules assisted in retreats, teacher training, workshops and in mentoring graduates. Her love for yoga and life became a curation of retreats in Australia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Certified by Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour RYT, Continuing Education Provider and Reiki Master.

Flow like a river: Fluid, Strong, Embodied in the morning
Connect to the power of mantra, mudra, meditation, pranayama, philosophy and asana – whether it be by the lotus ring lake or in the sacred shala – as we awaken each morning in Ulpotha to the rising sun. Wherever we land in Ulpotha, it will be one of embodied flow. Slow, smooth and deep is the formula to awaken the subtle layers of the body. Soothing the mind, cleansing the soul as movements of body and breath come into unison.

In the evening, we’ll be grounding in the element of Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra.

Our yin and restorative yoga works from a place of calm and surrender, inviting us to embrace our gentle nature and cultivate a sweet inner peace. Yin is the ideal antidote for the yang lifestyle, cultivating a receptive inhabitation of the body-mind: of being rather than doing. Dissolve tension, improve circulation, boost immunity and create more quiet and spaciousness within. Postures are held for longer periods of time with the support of props. Yin yoga is a complement and a balm to deeply nourish, heal and grow. At times we may practice under the banyan tree or somewhere up high in time to welcome the sunset, followed by a deep state of rest through the practice of yoga nidra, a meditative form of self-inquiry, an experience of deep healing and peace.