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An eclectic selection of leading therapists from the world over have visited Ulpotha over the years and continue to do so to offer their magical treatments to guests.
All guests who visit Ulpotha receive one free treatment from an Ulpotha therapist. If you desire to have more massages, these may be arranged at the rate of $80 per hour.

Alexander Ivanov

Alex is a wellness practitioner, dedicated to creating authentic experiences and developing environments that encourage holistic wellbeing. His passion for traveling and immersing in local cultures has introduced him to the great traditions of Asia. His journey into healing and bodywork had taken him to Thailand, Maldives, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Bhutan, where he learnt extensive number of therapies, successfully incorporated in his treatments.
TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE - Using a combination of Northern and Southern style techniques Alex guides the guest through series of passive yoga stretches, while working on the energy lines and pressure points to release any stagnant energies. Very often emotional releases are experienced when old and congested tensions come to the surface. Traditionally this treatment takes place on a floor mat with the guest wearing loose and comfortable clothing. Every session is individually tailored and short consultation will be held to determine the guest’s specific needs.

90 / 120 minutes 

THAI FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - Every energy meridian and organ of the body is reflected in the reflex points of the foot, therefore massaging and applying pressure to those points releases blocked energy and stimulates healing. This treatment is highly recommended after a long day of walking and designed to maintain a balance by optimizing the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthening the immune system and promoting wellbeing.

60 minutes  

DEEP TISSUE / SPORTS MASSAGE - In this treatment deep pressure is used to release chronic muscle tension and the focus is on the soft tissue layers and the fascia, using variety of techniques, beneficial for many physical issues, including sports injuries and chronic pain as well as for a general wellbeing.  

60 / 90 minutes 

Boris Gonzalez

Boris is from Santiago, Chile, and first started practising Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2000. In 2002 he began training in different massage therapies, studying Ayurvedic massage in Mysore (India). He returned to India many more times to continue specializing in Ayurvedic massage and for additional Yoga training.

His love of bodywork led him to later study different massage techniques across the world including Chuaka and Body Harmony in Santiago (Chile), Sports Massage in Atlanta (USA), Traditional Thai and Thai Oil Massage in Chiang Mai (Thailand).

With this extensive background, Boris has developed his own intuitive massage technique which unlocks one's energies through a physical therapy acting on the skeletal structure, muscle and tissue. The result is to liberate fears and burdens that are held inside the physical body, allowing it to recover its natural flexibility and resulting in pain relief and relaxation.

Emanuel Fernnandes (Manu)

Emanuel is a highly experienced and qualified Portuguese therapist, body worker and Yoga teacher now established in the south of Portugal.

He offers individual sessions in a private studio and collaborates in the organization of international healing retreats in the area and around.

His healing journey started through the practice of Yoga, opening new perspectives of living and being.

In 2005 he had the opportunity to meet Swami Joytimayananda from Sri Lanka, an Ayurvedic Doctor and Yoga Master that touched his heart and mind with a healing that he could feel and above all understand. He traveled to Italy to live and study Ayurveda with this master in his Ashram. In this place he learned ways to attain balance through balanced nutrition, massage, herbs and minerals, Ayurvedic practices, yoga and presence.

Between 2008 and 2012 he traveled throughout Asia and learned healing techniques that have greatly impacted the work he now offers. In body work, his approach combines different techniques such as Deep Tissue, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage and Marma Massage according to the body type and intention.

He learned Water Shiatsu (Watsu), aquatic therapy and sound healing to reach other subtle levels of the mind and body.

He loves to use touch, movement, energy, and loving intention, holding the space so the healing can manifest naturally.

The therapies Manu will be offering in Ulpotha include:

  • Deep Tissue and trigger points
  • Thai massage
  • Marma massage
  • Yukti massage (fusion of the above techniques) 90 minutes 

Erin Kostanski

Hawaiian Kahuna Bodyworks, Reiki, ELK, trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage, myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, and relaxation massage.

Erin has had a life long journey with massage but her highlight of healing began when she was 17 years old when she received her first Kahuna massage. This transformative ocean-like dance with the body stuck with her and she knew instantly that she had found what she had been seeking in an alternative therapeutic healing session.

In 2006 Erin began studying Kahuna Massage with Mette Sorensen at Australia's leading Kahuna Institute, High Spirits. Falling more in love with the healing, principals and philosophy that Kahuna offered, Erin stayed on to complete 6 levels of training at the centre, as well as going on to be a supporting member of the team cooking in the centres gourmet vegetarian kitchen for some Kahuna trainings.

Thirsty for more knowledge on ancient forms of healing, Erin moved to Asia where she studied Chakra Yoga and became a registered Yoga Teacher. This then led her to studying the healing systems of Reiki and she attained her Reiki Masters Certificate in 2011, and has been teaching Reiki around the world ever since. Alongside Reiki Erin has studied both crystal and sound healing with masters of these techniques around the world, and often incorporates both in her healing sessions.

As a massage therapist Erin has also studied Structural Energy Awakening with Mike Tan in Chiang Mai and has now gone on completed her registration of Massage Therapy in Australia. Erin is offering therapies that include trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage, myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation massage as well as Kahuna Bodyworks, Reiki and ELK healings.

Erin believes that love and nurturing are the greatest healers of all and at Ulpotha she will be offering all of the above treatments tailored to your own individual needs in a space of nurturing love.

Jessie Quon

Jessie has been studying various massage modalities from Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Cambodia since 2000. Being raised by Chinese parents in Canada who kept the tradition of giving and receiving massage amongst family members, her path brought her full circle to dedicate her life to learning these traditions from the East. Having had a fascination with the body and an inclination for working with detailed patterns, Jessie developed a deft tactile acuity for working with meridians. Each system helped her to gain a deeper understanding of the body and its incredible, beautifully complex structures.  

Since starting her professional practice in 2003 as a Shiatsu Therapist, she discovered Traditional Thai Massage and quickly gravitated towards working therapeutically with physically active people whose lifestyles had become compromised by injury. Having an active background since childhood in martial arts, dance and yoga, she sustained a serious life changing injury in 2006. Jessie’s first hand experience of recovering to regain strength and mobility gave her the understanding of such a healing process, its challenges and potential setbacks, and the importance of establishing a deeper respect and awareness of one’s body.

Jessie has traveled to Thailand many times to study bodywork with several different teachers including Ajarn Sinchai, Ajarn Pichest, and Amnat Khunchamnan. In 2011, Jessie started training in Structural Energy Awakening, a technique that is highly effective for treating structural injuries and misalignments (www.seatherapy.net). This system was developed by Mike Tan, and is based on an ancient Khmer meridian system within the framework of anatomical and myofascial knowledge; deep tissue energy work, essentially. She incorporates this therapy system and continues to find success in helping people on their healing journeys with her unique approach. Her extensive massage background allows her to access the entire spectrum from relaxation to therapeutic, blending as needed for each session. Her practice comprises of hands-on manual work in conjunction with self-myofascial release education with rollers.  

Jessie holds two diplomas of Acupressure from the Canadian Acupressure College specialising in Shiatsu and Jin Shin Do. She is also a certified SEA practitioner.

Her bodywork is suited for but not limited to:
chronic back pain
shoulder, neck, jaw pain
compensation and misalignment
mobility issues
repetitive strain injuries
self care education
injury recovery and prevention

For more information on Jessie, please visit: www.bodijiin.com

Julian Eymann

Originally a California surfer, Julian is a certified massage therapist of 20 years and a graduate of the International Massage Association. He is well versed in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release including his version of Trigger Point Release. Julian's passion for anatomy is put into action when he treats his clients with focused determination, like you are the most important person alive. Julian moved to Asia in 2005 and combines his techniques with Asian techniques including Thai Yoga Massage, Abdominal Massage and Acupressure. Julian has worked at a number of the World's most exclusive Spas, Yoga resorts, and Doctors offices around the world. A personal therapist to the world's most discerning, his celebrity clients include well known movie stars.

Holistic therapies offered:
Trigger Point Therapy
Julian’s trigger point sessions are the fastest and most direct way of identifying and working with very specific points on the body. It works to peel off old layers layers of old inflammation and chronic myofascial tension, the cause of restricted movement. Working the entire body with rocking and rotational motions to major joints, ligaments and tendons.

Structural Realignment

This multi­dimensional energy moving treatment uses Rolfing techniques to addresses every major joint in the body, utilizing just the right pressure at the right angles. Each of the vertebrae will be loosened to help realign them, making you feel younger, lighter and straighter.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage:

A combination of treatments, this massage uses maximum energy to create a unique, anti­gravity and anti aging effect. Injuries and multi musculoskeletal tightness is relieved with firm strokes using the elbow and forearm to realign the deeper layers of myofascial; muscles and connective tissue, helping to elongate the tissues and prevent future injury. 

Marcia Teixeira

Marcia has lived in Lisbon for over 32 years, where she discovered the gift of touch at the early age of 14.  She has studied many types of bodywork including therapeutic massage, reflexology and oriental therapies including Ayurvedic and Thai massage. 

For the past 15 years she has given therapies in many different spas including 2 years in a 5 star hotel. In Asia, she sought out and found deeper connection to her bodywork incorporating energy work studies such as reiki and cranio-sacral.

Out of this she created what she calls 'The Five Elements Massage', an intuitive approach which closely caters to each client's individual and present physical, emotional as well as spiritual needs. Tuning in to the needs of her clients, Marcia adapts her style intuitively according to what feels appropriate at the time. Her touch can be gentle and soft, strong and deep, meditative with light stretches, or a combination of all of them.

Her therapy brings flexibility and mobility to the joints and muscles, allowing for the free flow of vital energy, simultaneously releasing deep-seated toxins within the body tissues and stimulating the general circulation. Therapeutic effects are felt in the entire being, bringing the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to a state of equilibrium, touching the soul of the client.

Some of the conditions that The Five Elements Massage helps with:

- improves digestion and blood circulation

- headaches and migraines

- stiff and frozen shoulders

- lower back pain

- neck pain

- sciatica

- insomnia

- stress, depression and anxiety

- more vitality and rejuvenating effect.

Pauline Koinis

“I am constantly evolving, a forever student of life!”

Pauline is a Positive and Inspirational holistic healing expert with over 30 years experience.  Her signature therapeutic massage focuses on relieving specific areas of tension, pain or imbalance in the muscular systems and opening and restoring your energetic body.  Starting with reflexology of the feet, Pauline will “read” you from the inside out to gauge exactly what you will need in session.  A variety of modalities are used – including myofacial release, trigger point therapy, cranial adjustment and deep tissue work –to melt contracted tissue, breakup adhesions and improve blood flow.  Her work is designed to restore optimal function to muscles and joints focusing specifically on each person’s individual needs.

As a Shaman, Pauline uses her clairvoyant and Clairsentient abilities, along with Tarot - Chakra clearing and Astrology to help you connect to spirit and guide you toward manifesting your own way to freedom.

Pauline is Licensed with the Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy ’98, University of CT., in conjunction with the University of Pune’ India in Ayurvedic Massage, Certified Reflexologist, Registered Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach, Reiki I & II Practitioner, Astrology Counselor, Quantum Healer and most importantly, Mother of 3.  Pauline teaches her B.U.F.F. Bootcamps ® (Beautiful, Untethered, Free, Female) worldwide and coaches individuals one-on-one.

Faced with a life threatening illness in 1999, she has dedicated her life to helping others find a path to complete health, true passion and phenomenal bliss.  When she is not joyfully helping others, you can find her writing poetry, practicing yoga or riding her Harley along long winding roads!


Sophie Liebert


Sorry but Ulpotha is closed for a private group during these dates.

Andrew Rosenstock

An international Healing Artist and Yoga Teacher, Andrew is multi-certified in Thai Massage, Esalen Massage and a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner, as well as being an iRest Yoga Nidra Level II trained Teacher and a student of The Integrative Yoga Therapy 1000hr Yoga Therapist program,. He loves anything and everything having to do with helping people get back on the path of health, wholeness, and wellness as well as realigning themselves with and a realization of their true nature. 

Thai Yoga Massage / OsteoThai Massage: A non-oil remedial therapy that is based on your individual somatic needs combining elements of Thai Yoga like stretching and Soft Tissue Osteopathy to cleanse, strengthen and cultivate energy and healing. This massage allows greater fluidly and authentic movement, and meditatively blends rhythmic acupressure and the repositioning and release of connective tissue to deeply relax, revitalize and rejuvenate the body, mind & spirit. 

Holistic Therapeutic Massage: This Esalen inspired integrative oil based massage treatment consists of slow long strokes, rhythmic compressions, rocking and gentle stretches. The long stroke allows for the experience of the integrity and interconnectedness of your body as well as for a profound relaxation to unfold within the nervous system, and to act as an important support for stimulating the body's natural healing rhythms. 

Intuitive Healing: Intuitive healing is a gentle non-invasive method of healing. Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems and blocks to personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential. These blocks obstruct the vital flows of energy through our body and energy systems that are necessary for our health and wellbeing. Over time this leads to illness and depleted mental and emotional reserves. Andrew incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques to clear, repair and rebalance the body’s physical, emotional and energetic systems. 

Carita Wong

Carita has been working with the body (physically, emotionally and spiritually) for more than 20 years. She began her career as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor but always had the belief that we are more than our physical body.

Carita is currently a Facilitator of Ka Huna Massage and Bodywork at High Spirits Retreat in Queensland Australia and runs Heartworks Lomi Lomi workshops and wellbeing retreats.

What she loves about Ka Huna bodywork is the different layers that it can get into. When our physical body relaxes with the long flowing strokes of the massage, it allows us to sink into more clarity and tranquility bringing everything back into balance and harmony.

Carita works with your needs and intention in mind. She combines the feminine touch of flow and nurturing with the masculine focus of deep tissue work to alleviate any pain, stress and discomfort to bring more freedom in your entire being. Whether you wish to gain relief from a physical condition or simply to relax and to nurture yourself, Carita will work with you with aloha and to the best of her knowledge and abilities to gain the desired results.

Her passion for Ka Huna Bodywork and sense of adventure has given her opportunities to work in France, at The Fours Seasons Resorts in Bali and The Spa at The American Club in Singapore. Carita is also a Power Yoga Teacher, holds a Cert IV in Life Coaching, and incorporates Thai Yoga Massage, CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki in her treatments. 

Emma Cayless

Emma offers deeply therapeutic massage therapy working predominantly from a Thai massage foundation. Using a rich combination of Thai, Osteo Thai, gentle rocking harmonics and fascia release techniques, Emma’s focus is to increase the free flow of energy throughout the body, to encourage movement within the joints and muscles and to remove pain and tension held within the body.  

She works intuitively with the specific needs of the individual; encouraging awareness of personal postural habits & patterns, in order to release and alter them. Through body assessment, dynamic massage, and detailed aftercare advice, she assists people in achieving better overall mobility and attaining a more balanced, open and free flowing energy within both body and mind.

Emma has trained comprehensively in Thailand and Europe. Her ongoing training includes working with some leading teachers in the field of Thai massage, Osteopathy and bodywork. She has many years of experience giving massage at music and yoga festivals including running a healing space for Artists and crew backstage at Glastonbury Music festival. She currently practices Massage in Neal’s Yard Remedies in Exeter and teaches Thai Massage Introductory and Practitioner courses in Devon & Europe. 

Emma has a strong and dedicated daily Yoga practice & began a teacher-training program in 2015. She also loves to garden, growing crops & flowers. She plays guitar, sings and loves to dance.

Eva Thomas

Ever since Eva was a young girl, growing up in Germany, she was always passionate about movement and dancing. Not just with her body but her whole spirit.

Through her love of helping people to heal themselves she completed all 7 levels of Ka Huna massage and bodywork training at High Spirits Institute in Australia. She has been working as a Ka Huna body worker for 7 years and has established a massage space in Lismore, Australia, as well as a massage sanctuary at her own home in the Australian bush. She also trained as a facilitator to teach Lomi Lomi massages.

Ka Huna massage is not just an ordinary massage but an experience that leaves the body, mind and spirit feeling whole and connected, energised and at the same time deeply relaxed. It's a way of life!

Eva uses organic coconut oil and massages with long flowing strokes using her hands and forearms, sometimes underneath and on top of the body at the same time while she moves with dance like steps around the massage table.

Ka Huna massage comes from the Shamanic tradition and Eva combines that wisdom with her open heart and intuitive grounded presence.

She adopts her massage style to your needs and can offer deep tissue, gentle nourishing Lomi Lomi, pregnancy or a special bone massage which reaches very deep spaces in the body. Eva is also trained to allow for emotional release work while giving Ka Huna massage treatments.  She provides a safe space for you to shift and become the person you love to be.

Jon Fellman

Jon Fellman began his career in healthcare over 30 years ago as a trainer at a health club after rehabilitating himself following a very serious car accident at the age of 16. This led him to Chinese martial arts, Yoga, and eventually Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine... first to be treated; and then to undertake his own study. He has been treating patients with bodywork since 1993, and has been working as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine after completing his four-year Master of Science degree in traditional Chinese medicine in 2001 at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science in Oakland, CA.

In his clinical practice based in California, he is most apt to use the unique acupuncture styles of Dr. Richard Tan and Master Tung, readily incorporating applied meridian theory, trigger point acupuncture, bodywork, joint mobilizations/manipulations, cupping, guasha, Japanese moxibustion techniques, and Tok Sen into his treatments. His bodywork is most influenced by Thai Massage, Tui Na, and Shiatsu.  He has spent considerable time in China and Thailand studying with Taoist master Wang Liping, and several Thai Massage masters including Pichest Boonethume.

Jon specializes in acupuncture orthopedics, and has worked with many musicians, artists, dancers, yogis and athletes, but has a diverse patient base, regularly treating a wide array of conditions.

In Ulpotha, Jon will be offering his Integrated Thai Bodywork that draws from Thai, Chinese and Japanese techniques as well as TCM theory. He will also offer complementary modalities such as Cupping, Tok Sen, and Guasha. Acupuncture can also be requested and can be utilized in combination with the massage and other techniques, or as a standalone treatment.

Kim Lewis

Kim is one of the top massage therapists in Ibiza, where she and her two children have been based for the last 17 years.

In 1994, badly affected by the Aids virus and especially its effect on children and the fact that they weren’t being touched, she decided to become a massage therapist.

She trained under the renowned Claire Maxwell-Hudson who pioneered massage in hospitals and, as part of her training, spent 6 weeks in the Aids Unit and Hospice at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in St John’s Wood, London.  After graduating, she went on to spend several years working at the hospital’s Aids/Hospice unit before moving to the magical island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.

She feels very privileged and grateful to have been able to build up an extensive client base of wonderful people from around the world.

Over the years Kim has created her own highly appreciated signature massage tailor-made to suit each individual using a combination of techniques that include:

  • Deep tissue - to release deeply held patterns of muscle tension whilst draining the toxins.
  • Swedish - using long sweeping movements to relax the body
  • Reflexology points - to rebalance.

Kim’s massage has been created to restore, refresh and revitalise the Mind, Body and Soul.

P.J. Stambaugh

PJ Stambaugh practices a form of therapeutic bodywork called Structural Energywork, designed to help you gain relief from chronic aches and pains as well as increase overall flexibility and range of motion. Performed on the floor in Thai massage style with the participant in loose and comfortable clothing, PJ brings energy flow and mobility by way of gentle stretching, targeted thumbing, selective forearm, knee and foot pressure.  It is a blend of Structural Energy Awakening TherapyOsteo-Thai Massage and Cranio-Sacral techniques that provides a deeply transformational experience when combined with PJ's personal touch and deep presence.  

The goal of the treatment is to clear blocked and stagnated structural energy, also known as "Wind” or "Chi".  Structural energy can often become stagnant or develop poor flow, which can result in stiffness, aches, pains and a number of other symptoms. Soft tissue components that support the skeletal structure comprise the energetic pathways through which run our structural energy lines. Structural energy lines can become affected by interactions with the outside world such as repetitive movements, injury and muscle overuse. These pathways can be similarly misaligned and constricted by “inside” factors such as thoughts, emotion, trauma and stress. 

Each treatment is tailored to the recipient's needs, with no treatment being the same.  PJ responds to the current needs of the receiver, applying stronger and deeper techniques or more subtle energetic approaches as appropriate.  His work has helped many people find relief from chronic pain.

At the end of each massage, PJ provides personalized exercises and self-maintenance techniques so clients can make progress on their physical restrictions between sessions and on their own.  

PJ is the inventor of the Lanna Roller – body rollers for self massage handmade in Thailand.  For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/LannaRoller.

Pi Jem

Deep tissue Thai massage / Women's abdominal massage
Pi Jem is one of Thailand's 'amazing gems'-a very skilled traditional Thai massage therapist who trained with one of the great Thai masters.
Traditional Thai massage aims to relieve pain in muscles and joints through deep massage and stretching. Traditional Thai massage is usually performed on the floor, and you will be fully clothed, wearing comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils are used in Thai massage.

Pi Jem's particular style of Thai massage is a strong massage that is especially beneficial for those who practice yoga. It helps circulate the blood and energy around the body and open areas where there may be blocked energy or prana which can cause pain and/or stiffness.

Her expertise will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and at peace, with a supple body relieved of pain.

Ying Li

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Ying's exploration of wellness began with Reiki and meditation when she was 14 years old. Since graduating from Yale University in 2002, Ying has practised massage and yoga as sacred arts, honouring the power of presence, intention and each individual's highest potential for transformation. Tuning into the body to awaken areas of stagnation and harmonise the systems which are out of balance, the basic premise of Ying's work is we release deeply held patterns within the body through emotional and physical awareness and a commitment to nurturing ourselves.

With a background in various healing modalities including Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai and Balinese massage, Ying's therapy work is now centered on the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. These ancient Maya techniques as developed by Dr Rosita Arvigo represent an unbroken chain of knowledge handed down from generation to generation of Central American midwives, healers and shamans. Through the external, non-invasive manipulation using only hands to reposition reproductive organs and improve blood flow to the digestive organs, the body's natural healing capacity is supported.

The therapy is highly beneficial for those with conditions related to a congested pelvis and abdomen, and also for assisting the body to cleanse and detoxify, clear debilitating blockages or simply to reintegrate in a deep state of relaxation.


Therapist for this group is still to be confirmed - Please contact us for latest update

Below are some of the massage therapists that have worked with Ulpotha in the past

Didier Fernandes

Didier is a top Franco-Portuguese bodyworker who is based between London and India and offers therapies on retreats around the world.

In seeking ways to heal himself, become more aware and reconnect with his true nature, Didier became a Holistic therapist. His constant hunger for learning took him on an amazing journey of discovery through the apprenticeship of many forms of healing therapies: from being a Nurse in a cancer hospital to Zen Shiatsu & Ayurvedic massage, from meditation to yoga, from Therapeutic massage to Thai massage, from ZenThai to Trigger point therapy, from Reiki to Magnified Healing and Shamanic healing.

He also was blessed with the opportunity to learn ancient knowledge and be initiated in Light Language, Sacred Geometry and follow the Shamanic path and ongoing work in Shamanic healing.

Didier is now a holistic therapist dedicated to growth, harmony, reconnection with one's spirit and with love.

He offers multidisciplinary approaches that fuse bodywork, myofascial release, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual healing through Shamanic processing. He encourages and supports his clients in the release of tension, pain and blockages.

Didier's expertise allows him to create a sacred space where healing, trust, surrender and reconnection with the inner self can happen. Through active listening he uses different approaches to help people release their blockages, pain and fears, in order to reconnect with their hearts and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.

The therapies Didier will be offering in Ulpotha include:

  • Zen Shiatsu
  • Deep tissue & trigger point therapy
  • ZenThai massage
  • Zen bodywork (fusion of Zen shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, ZenThai, Reiki)
  • Soul bodywork (fusion of all the above with spiritual counseling & Shamanic processing) 90 min is best for the Zen bodywork and Soul bodywork.

Jacqueline Lawes

Jacqueline combines Traditional Shiatsu Massage with a range of body balancing techniques. She works on all levels for connection; mind, body and soul.

Jacqueline’s Shiatsu is both physical and energetic. She loves working deeply with muscle, facia and joints whilst also balancing energy flow. Her experience as a Yogi and a Dancer have created a passion for mobility, grace and vitality.

She says “ Over the years I have found myself specialising in stress release, nervous system disorders, back pain and detox. I also love working with soul issues; journeying with people to find purpose and meaning, discover talents, enhance connection, and heal family and ancestral dynamics.

Really it’s all a great privilege, working with everyone who comes with whatever is showing up at that time; being able to offer support on the next part of this beautiful and sometimes challenging journey of life.”

Jacqueline brings 20 years experience as a therapist and Yogi. She works with a range of techniques which include chakra and subtle body balancing, soul connection, cranial stress release, zone reflexes, chiropractic muscle balancing and ancestral healing. 

Jacqueline lives in the wild lands of Dartmoor. Her relationship with the land informs her work. She teaches Medicine Dance and Yoga and has a local therapy practice. She continues to study Shamanic Healing (8 years) which includes belonging to a Medicine Wheel healing circle and taking yearly Vision Quests.

You can find out more about Jacqueline at www.livelovedream.co.uk

Please note all treatments are fully clothed. Wear your comfortable, loose clothing (your yoga clothes are perfect) bring a long sleeved top and socks if you have them.

Kenneth Takade

Kenny believes that Prana and Qi crossed paths on the Silk Road and have become intertwined over the ages. He combines his understanding of Zen and Barefoot-style Shiatsu, Tuina, Traditional Thai Massage, Osteo-Thai Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang, Ruesi Datton (Thai yoga), Hatha Yoga and Qi Gong with compassionate intention to create his own style of bodywork.  He refined his yoga practice with the help of Don and Amba Stapleton and received his 500 hour teaching certification through the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2002. After receiving his massage certification at the Healing Hands School of Massage Therapy in California, Kenny went from being a student to teaching and assisting courses in Shiatsu and Tuina there.

He is a member of the NCBTMB and is listed in the Yoga Alliance 500 hour Teacher's Registry. In 2002, an extended stay in Northern Thailand inspired him to include Traditional Thai Massage to his bag of tricks and he continues to go back to Chiang Mai in order to expand his knowledge of this ancient art.

Kenny is inspired by and grateful to all his peers, clients, and teachers like Laurino Bertilli, Kru Tanasee (Cooky) Boonson, Kru Jak Chaiya, Kam Tye Chow, Chance Kanfoush, Doris Kolling,  Arnaud L'Hermitte, David Lutt, Trayl Aiken-Cade, Mama Nit, Ajahn Singchai and Ajahn Pichet Boontumme.

Kenny travels to do workshops and works with clients in whatever part of the world he happens to be in. He has been a body worker and yoga instructor to clients from all walks of life and has worked with touring musicians and athletes like Jimmy Chin, Brian Wilson, Jack Johnson, Keller Williams, The Dead, Keb’ Mo, Steve Miller, Michael Franti and the String Cheese Incident.

Kenny’s treatments begin with an assessment of the client’s condition which uses all the knowledge he has gathered from studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, posture and movement analysis, injury rehabilitation, and information from listening to the client. The client’s treatment is based on this information, and the past and present history of health and injury.

Every treatment is catered to the present needs of the client and combines the most appropriate techniques culled from all the different modalities Kenny has mastered.

Most treatments are a combination of Traditional Thai Yoga massage, Osteo-Thai bodywork, acupressure therapy using Shiatsu and Marma points, deep tissue, and sports massage. Abdominal massage based on Osteo Thai Internal Organ massage and Chi Nei Tsang is also offered. 

Louise Dixon

Louise comes from a dance background and teaches contemporary dance. She has always been inspired by the body, its movements and intricacies and it was through an injury that she was lead onto the path of therapy work. Louise trained in Shiatsu and has worked in clinics in Brighton and London for several years.

Shiatsu was developed in Japan more than 1400 years ago and works on the same principals as acupuncture. Shiatsu Massage works to rebalance the body's natural flow of energy which travels through the meridians. This energy can sometimes become stuck which can cause disharmonies and illness to manifest. By strengthening the vital organs, Shiatsu works preventatively before weakness occurs. Unlike western medicine, Shiatsu seeks to address the person holistically and not just their symptoms.

For example, Shiatsu can help
back pain
poor circulation
weight problems
indigestion/ digestive disorders
chills/ flushes
poor appetite
chronic cases of rheumatism
high blood pressure
emotional difficulties
menstrual / reproductive problems


Sri Lankan born Milroy, better known as Carlo Milroy among his elite Colombo clientele, has been a Shiatsu practitioner since 1996.

That year, his career took a sharp diversion from the hospitality industry to the therapeutic medical field when he met Dr. Nagase Sacho, a Japanese Doctor who introduced him to a new world of healing in the form of Japanese Shiroyuki Shiatsu Anma. After in-depth practical training with Dr. Nagase, Milroy continued to pursue his newfound passion in healing through the advanced study of Shiatsu and Reflexology.

He has since been serving high profile clients such as Ambassadors and foreign officials. Many of them who have returned to their own countries at the end of their terms seek his service when they visit Sri Lanka on vacation.

Milroy has travelled to Europe and Australia where he was able to render his services to the great satisfaction of his clients. Milroy believes that keeping your body free of blockages and the meridians open and free for natural and vital energy flow helps in building a healthy body, mind and soul.

His Shiatsu massage therapy includes applying pressure to therapeutic points with fingers, thumbs, feet and palms, assisted stretching and joint manipulation and mobilization to relieve pain and release blocked energy.  Please come fully clothed with comfortable, loose clothing.


Nico Thoemmes

Nico draws on a dynamic range of massage and bodywork techniques including swedish deep tissue, indian head, and pulsing. Nico believes massage is an intuitive art, a science, and a spiritual practice that awakens the body's energized and peaceful potential. He works from a foundation of body awareness and sensitivity to release physical and associated tensions, facilitating an internal experience where you can connect with yourself at your deepest level

Sarah Kirby

Sarah first qualified as a massage therapist in 2002 after studying Swedish massage, aromatherapy and Indian Head massage. This was soon to be followed by courses in deep tissue massage and LaStone Therapy (hot & cold stone massage). She loves giving massages that are totally about deep relaxation and finds that all of these modalities work very well together – hot stones especially bring a wonderful depth to treatments.

More recently she has become certified in pregnancy massage, and also advanced clinical massage therapy at the Jing Institute in Brighton, UK. The clinical/remedial skills she learned at Jing have opened up a whole new area of work. She is passionate about working with people and helping to relieve pain conditions both acute and chronic. Clinical massage is excellent for reducing pain, increasing mobility and improving function.

She possesses a finely tuned empathic touch that can detect imbalances in the body, and this allows her to address any physical discrepancies and work them out. She works intuitively and sensitively to bring about balance to the physical and emotional bodies.

She is meticulous and detailed with each client and tailors every treatment to suit individual needs. The resulting treatments are without exception physically aligning, mentally relaxing and overall deeply therapeutic. 

In 2010 she also qualified as a nutritional therapist and naturopath so can offer her clients comprehensive advice in many areas.

Sarah is passionate about health and well being, has practised yoga for 7 years, enjoys swimming, and likes cycling and walking over the South Downs near her home in Sussex. She loves cooking and making raw chocolate. She also enjoys Vipassana meditation and has sat several courses in the UK since 2005.

Thierry Bienfaisant

Thierry comes from a rock climbing background which, since childhood, he has practiced as a form of 'vertical' yoga. In 2002 his passion for movement, rhythm, balance and bio-dynamics crossed paths with the art of traditional Thai massage. Since then, he has traveled endlessly across Thailand, Australia and Europe to deepen his studies. It is the combination of intuitive, scientific /medical and spiritual practices which came to form the heart of his journey.
Wishing to further deepen his understanding of the human body, especially its physical and energy levels, he studied Shiatsu, Oriental therapy and Massage therapy at Nature Care College in Sydney.

He later returned to Thailand where he has been carrying out ongoing research with the founders of Osteo Thai massage Arno Lhermitte and David Lutt as well as with the master in Traditional Thai massage, Pichest Boonthumee. He regularly works in spas, massage centers and physiotherapy clinics in combination with his own practice in Belgium and Greece where he teaches Thai massage.

In Ulpotha, Thierry will be offering Osteo Thai massage, a bridge between the East and the West. This technique combines the extraordinary sacred dance of Traditional Thai Massage with the gentle techniques of Osteopathy; rich muscular stretching inspired by yoga positions with acupressure work on energy lines and with harmonic, oscillatory, rhythmic and rocking movements.

Each treatment is adapted to the needs of the patient static and dynamic techniques are integrated to form a soft/deep music-like sequence. Osteo Thai massage treats all the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of the patient as a whole.

Dominika Zwyrtek

UK-based Dominika Zwyrtek is from Krakow, Poland, and worked as a masseur for four years in The Treatment Room, Brighton, the city’s largest beauty salon offering a wide variety of beauty and health applications for its clients. She currently has a private practice in Brighton and works at the Triyoga center in London.

Dominika trained at Katowice University in classic Swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

She combines her work for harmony of body/mind with her love of meditation and inner/outer listening. Her sessions combine the meeting of mindfulness, presence and deep rest in a shared silence with her clients.

Through her experience and understanding, Dominika encourages each client to rest deeply in the silence of a session in order to be receptive to the depths of insight that can naturally emerge from within. She sees a massage session as an opportunity for clients to listen to the voice of inner wisdom as well as experience the reduction of stress and a renewed sense of well-being.

Dominika has attended numerous meditation retreats, East and West, for several years. She has spent a total of around three years in various monasteries and ashrams in India, attended retreats lasting several weeks in Buddhist monasteries in north and south Thailand, as well as in the UK, France and Germany.

For the past three years, Dominika was senior manager at the annual international retreat for Vipassana in the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya, India, and at the annual international 10-day French Yatra (Pilgrimage).  She currently manages the annual Mindfulness Retreat in Lewes, Sussex.

Julie MacBryde

Julie is based in London and began studying massage in 2002. At the centre of her work is the belief that the body is inherently capable of healing itself and that a holistic approach to restoring structural balance will result in improved function and optimum health. Her massage comes from the heart and blends the long flowing strokes of traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi, using the hands, forearms and elbows, with Swedish and remedial massage techniques. Treatments are flowing and can be relaxing, invigorating or therapeutically focused, according to individual requirements.

Hawaiian lomi lomi is the hands-on application of a transformational system of healing practices and is a physical manifestation of aloha. It is said to be through the spirit of aloha that all other Hawaiian values have meaning.

Her love of bodywork takes Julie around the world, studying a variety of traditional massage and healing systems, including Chavutti thirummal in India, Ka Huna Bodywork in Australia, Thai therapeutics, Reflexology and Chi nei tsang in Thailand, deepening her understanding of the human body and developing her massage technique.

Julie is also a UK registered osteopath. Her interests include the effects of psychological processes on physiology, particularly the impact of chronic stress and she is an ongoing student of mindfulness based stress reduction, integrating this learning into her therapeutic work. 

Laura Day

Laura has been connected with the wellness industry for many years, primarily as a practitioner of Ka Huna Bodywork in Australia.

Ka Huna is a transformational and heart opening massage that, while acting predominantly on the physical body, can also assist one to experience shifts of an emotional and energetic nature.

Laura is also qualified in psychotherapy and counselling and is grateful to be able to provide you with a holistic experience, utilising both massage and counselling, as required.  Believng that stress and disease in the body can be connected to emotional wounding, trauma and lack of self worth, Laura seeks to offer you a safe supportive space for expression and healing.

Ka Huna is a dynamic, entrancing massage and its effects and benefits can be absorbed and felt long after you leave the massage table, especially when experienced within the magic of Ulpotha.

Matthew Gale

Matthew was born in the USA and moved to Asia in early 1989. He first landed in Tokyo, Japan where he made his home for fifteen years. In the early 1990's he began visiting Thailand and soon discovered, in Chiang Mai (northern Thailand) the incredible benefits of Traditional Thai massage. Shortly after his first massage he enrolled in a course at the then Old Medicine Hospital, postponing his return to Japan. Over the next few years Matthew returned regularly to Chiang Mai to study with various teachers until he found his current teacher, Piched Boonthumme. Thai massage is an ever evolving art and it benefits the practitioner to return to 'brush up' on learned techniques and learn new ones.

In 2003 Matthew relocated to the island nation of Sri Lanka and owns and operates a small beach resort on the southern coast. Here he offers Thai massages to both guests and non guests. In May of 2009 he is off to Chiang Mai yet again to learn a bit more before spending the summer massaging the masses in Europe.

Traditional Thai Massage
It is said that traditional Thai massage has been practiced in its current form for at least 1,000 years but its roots go back much further. Its origins stem from Chinese, Indian and Japanese styles which have been practiced for over 4,000 years so needless to say it's a tried and tested practice. Thai massage is done on a firm mat directly on the floor, fully clothed and without the use of oil though types of balms can be used on sore or aching areas of the body. A treatment takes up to two hours and is done in five different positions, lying on the back, sides, stomach and finally in the sitting position. First the muscles are warmed with a technique called 'palming'. Once the muscles are warmed the circulatory or sen lines are firmly stimulated with a technique known as 'thumbing' and finally with the use of hands, forearms, elbows, feet as well as the practitioners complete body weight the joints and bones are stretched and stimulated with gentle to firm twists and turns. This is not a chiropractic treatment but once the above techniques have been carried out properly the bodies circulatory, muscular and skeletal systems all connect and the result is an extremely pleasant feeling. Those who practice or wish to practice yoga will be pleasantly surprised with a Thai massage for it is also known as 'lazy man's yoga'. With gentle to firm twists and pulls, all of the body's joints along with the muscles are manipulated so that after a two hour treatment the body feels completely stretched, fluid and light which as most of us know has a profound impact on both our physical and psychological wellbeing. A single treatment has instant benefits but should a person have the time and means a series of three over a week has immense and longer lasting benefits. Of course to maintain the benefits of a proper massage, self discipline and a daily stretching regime go hand in hand with good physical and mental health.

Nadav Arad

Nadav Arad offers conscious Thai massage bodywork. Thai massage is an ancient system of healing with its roots in yoga, ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. It combines rhythmic massage, acupressure along the body's energy channels (sen lines), gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. It relieves tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Over the last 8 years, Nadav has been studying and perfecting his Thai Massage techniques in Thailand with his Ajan (teacher) Pichet Boontume in Chiang Mai. Pichet Boontume is a living example of the old school way of teaching and is considered a true master in his field.

Paola Ceccarelli

Paola is a qualified osteopath as well as a yoga teacher. She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in London and studied postgraduate courses in classical, cranial and visceral osteopathy.

Osteopathy is based on the principle that if a person's body is allowed to work properly, it has the inner ability to heal, and vitality will flourish. Stress, emotions, activities that we experience in our daily life accumulate and reflects in our body, affecting our function and health. Paola's curiosity and strong fascination with the self healing ability of the body and the strong connection between mind, soul and body continues to inspire her to deepen her knowledge within manual therapy, meditation and yoga and the power of their interaction in supporting health. Her osteopathic approach draws from a wide range of osteopathic techniques including structural, firm soft tissue, visceral, fascial and cranial to create a global, flowing and relaxing therapeutic treatment that will also focus on structural and postural imbalances and can be both gentle and relaxing as well and energising and vigorous according to individual needs.

Steve Bracken

Deep tissue release

On my personal journey I have been inspired by working with the body for over thirty years-through martial arts and personal training then later, by my personal practice of Scaravelli yoga. These awakened my passion for healing and drew me towards body work. Firstly, I studied deep tissue massage, sports massage therapy, and structural integration. Next, I studied with a Mayan healer for several years where I learnt to use energy healing and to facilitate the ceremony of the Sweatlodge. Most recently, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to further develop my expertise in soft tissue mobilization and shiatsu techniques by working under KRI Iyenger Jagadish in Mysore, India. I love my work.

My treatments are unique for each individual depending on their body type, patterns of tensions, injuries and personal wishes. Therefore, no two treatments are ever the same! I specialise in deep tissue release, and where appropriate I will also use other techniques such as invigorating sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, lymphatic drainage, structural integration and acupressure. Deep Tissue Release: This is my unique speciality which I have developed from my work with clients over the last ten years. It removes trauma, patterns of emotional holding, chronic tensions and heals injuries. The treatment consists of slow deep tissue massage combined with energetic release techniques. It is extremely relaxing, revitalizing, and gives a feeling of lightness and openness.