Ulpotha offers the ultimate blend of relaxation and ecological commitment" - Conde Nast Traveller

Tennekoon (1932 – 2005) and Bandara (1942 – 2005)

Very sadly, both Tennekoon and Bandara passed away in 2005.

We lost Tennekoon in February and Bandara in July. Both were irreplaceable and central characters of Ulpotha.

If Ulpotha can be said to be about the vision and the philosophy of any one person, that person has to be Tennekoon. He stayed true to his principles throughout and was an inspiration and pleasure to have as a partner and friend. He succumbed in February to a deteriorating heart condition that he had been suffering from for the past few years.

As for Bandara, it was during a stay at his home that the property was stumbled upon and the original folly of Ulpotha born. And as much as he was party to that serendipitous beginning, he has also been a much loved colleague all along the way. His contributions to the culinary delights of Ulpotha cannot be overstated - any more than his enthusiasm for a good party could be overstated. Bandara suffered a stroke while preparing dinner on the last day of our 2005 summer season and passed away peacefully later that night.

We like to think that most of the special characters at Ulpotha share a streak of benign madness, and that Ulpotha is a happy manifestation of the point at which those various streaks of madness intersect. Though Tennekoon and Bandara are no longer with us, they will always be a part of what Ulpotha was, is and will become. We are thankful for their lives.

It was Tennekoon who liked to say that there should only be leisure, pleasure and rest in life. We wish that both Tennekoon and Bandara may now rest in eternal peace – if there is any leisure and pleasure to be found in the afterlife, we can be sure they will be on to it.

Viren Perera
Giles Scott