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Kharma Down

Following a week-long retreat at the Sri Lankan eco-village of Ulpotha to escape the pressures of civilization, Rory Spowers [our writer] emerged cleansed and with a renewed sense of inner peace.

The time has come to embrace dare I say it and your ‘inner child. Life at this Sri Lankan Neverland is as simple and carefree as a kids.

Whether youre frolicking on the freshwater lake, or climbing the hills and finding caves, Ulpotha encourages that joyful sense of wonder so frequently denied by modern lifestyles. Its bare and innocent, exotic and playful. Few places can boast of such a subtle fusion of sybaritic indulgence and raw, ascetic comfort. Just when you feel the need for something a drink, food to nibble on, a place to lounge beneath a majestic banyan tree it miraculously appears, as if your every thought has been predetermined. Life here just flows, effortlessly.

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Green Rooms

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