Olivia Ste-Marie

Olivia has created a name for herself both in Toronto, Canada, and abroad – treating at some of the top luxury wellness retreats and centres in South East Asia. Olivia offers her clients a one-on-one healing experience that dives deep into repairing, reconnecting and weaving back to source energy.

Throughout her childhood Olivia was a highly sensitive being, though this was somewhat difficult to understand as a young girl. But a forceful experience in her early 20s connected her with the divine gift of healing. Since then, and through later studying chakra healing, weaving, reflexology, Thai and deep tissue massage, Olivia has developed her own creative and intuitive style of healing.

Typically using a hands-on massage technique, Olivia channels and unblocks stagnant flow, opening up pathways for new life to take place – leading to deep restoration and healing. By helping one to identify and release old traumas and patterns of the mind, her therapy sessions bring forth the light within and open your heart to who you are.