The best destination spa in the world

*spa – Ulpotha is not your usual fluffy-white-towel spa experience. It is an untouched, immersive experience that will rebalance and reconnect you to our natural environment.

For yoga in the wilderness

A rotating roster of yoga teachers and masseurs offers two-week stints of pure relaxation at this spa retreat that sprung up in the lush jungle in the midst of a traditional agricultural community. The yoga takes place in an open-sided shala, with curious monkeys peering in, and the massage table can be set up in a multitude of outdoor locations — perhaps on the peaceful banks of the beautiful ‘tank’, a lake man-made thousands of years ago, or beneath the surrounding trees. Expect delicious vegetarian food from local produce, showers open to the sky — and no electric light. Go to bed as the sun sets and wake as it rises to see buffalo ploughing the  mist-drenched rice fields from your hut. A programme of expert ayurvedic treatments is available and part of the proceeds raised are used to fund a much-needed medical clinic for the villagers, so you’re doing some good for others, as well as yourself.

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